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Dukes Meadows Park a Riverside Park in Chiswick London
15 June 2014.
Local resident whos made a massive contribution to the Chiswick area of Dukes Meadows has been recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.
Kathleen Healy was awarded for services to the community in West London through the Dukes Meadow Trust. Her tireless efforts over more than a decade have seem the transformation of a previously neglected part of Chiswick.

She said, "I am delighted and very honoured. I've met and worked with so many lovely people, it has been wonderful and a great pleasure being involved with the restoration of the meadows."

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Dukes Meadows Public Consultation 2017
Dukes Meadows Public Consultation To Start Soon
16th October 2017
Local opinions sought over the future of the recreational area
A public consultation on the plans for the future of the Dukes Meadows recreational area is almost ready to start, the Chiswick Area Forum was told this week (September 26th)
Stefania Horne, Head of Parks for Hounslow Council gave an update on how the Council was proceeding with the upgrading project- she said there would be a public consultation in October/November, before they could proceed to a planning application.

Local people will receive a mailshot in the next few weeks and by October 16th the plans should go live online. There are also plans to hold an Open exhibition on October 31st.
There will also be meetings arranged with stakeholders, the sporting bodies, the allotments, and others. It is thought the planning application can be lodged at the end of December and funding finalised by the Spring of 2018 .The funding required is estimated to be over £10 million.
There had been previously been talks held with national governing bodies of the sports organisations currently based in Dukes Meadows (football, rugby and hockey groups) with a view towards funding and sharing facilities and they would be making bids for funding to Sport England and others. .
From the Chair person of Dukes Meadows Trust (in blue)

Dukes Meadows Trust is not in the list of consultees, although it built the two playgrounds, entirely manages one, maintains the trees and shrubs in the other and has volunteers working every other Sunday to maintain the trees, hedges and shrubs it has planted in the park. "There will also be meetings arranged with stakeholders, the sporting bodies, the allotments, and others.”  I assume we are part of others.

The Trust was similarly absent in the slide shown at the meeting, detailing who would be consulted. Then to my amusement one of the consultants announced that part of the consultation would be at the Trust’s market. I had to interject at that point that no one had actually asked us.

We hosted a stand at the market for the initial consultation last year and lent the consultants a gazebo. Then I and the trust were accused in a CAC meeting of not engaging with the consultation. We would host again, that's just the kind of people we are. We answer rudeness with courtesy.
the response to a previous survey of local people indicates that two-thirds of residents would like to see an upgrade of facilities. The idea of a Towpath Pedestrian link has proven to be popular, and other issues raised by local people included better space for walking and cycling, better benches, signs and bins.
Funding is estimated to be around £10 million but it is also thought that after funding from various bodies, there could be a £3 million shortfall.

Dukes Meadows is a popular local recreational area which has has two play areas, a riverside walk, Sunday Market and open areas for informal games of football or other games
Dukes Meadows Trust

We lobbied for the pedestrian bridge under Barnes Bridge and would very much welcome that being included, but other infrastructure through the park needs upgrading; the roads, Promenade approach gates paths etc.

The lack of openness and transparency is not encouraging, but I hope the plans will be good for informal users as well as organised sports and will enhance the informal facilities already created. I hope the council will also look at the great opportunities for more devolved management, by the clubs and the trust.
Dukes Meadows Consultation Opens 16 Oct 2017