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Dukes Meadows Park a Riverside Park in Chiswick London
15 June 2014.
Local resident whos made a massive contribution to the Chiswick area of Dukes Meadows has been recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. 
Kathleen Healy was awarded for services to the community in West London through the Dukes Meadow Trust. Her tireless efforts over more than a decade have seem the transformation of a previously neglected part of Chiswick.

She said, "I am delighted and very honoured. I've met and worked with so many lovely people, it has been wonderful and a great pleasure being involved with the restoration of the meadows." 

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LBOH Dukes Meadows Park Consultation 2016/17
Dukes Meadows Public Consultation To Start Soon 
Local opinions sought over the future of the recreational area 
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The survey on the council's plans for Dukes Meadows closes tomorrow. 27/11/2017

If you haven't already completed it, please do. Here is the link; https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/dukes-meadows
 Our concerns since this process started have been that the free informal parts of the park are not valued and are not supported or even mentioned much in the plans.

 This is borne out by the "what do you use Dues Meadows for" question, not having the market or paddling pool as options. It mentions "Playground", singular.

 Under 4. "What features of Dukes Meadows are most important to you"  The free, informal facilities such as the play areas and facilities such as the market are again absent. So in the report back on the survey the council will be able to say that these features aren't important to people.

 5. This has a limited range of options from which the free, informal use is missing. Being able to park on Sundays is important for people from further away visiting the market, play areas or wanting to walk in the ark, have a pic nic etc. are all not listed. This is, however, an important issue for informal users, as is the dangerous and congested state of the roads when there are large sporting events taking place.

 6., 7 and 8 these are options in which you can make your own comments and are a space to mention the free, informal facilities, concerns around lack of management of parking, which causes congestion and the priority given to formal sports over informal use.

 Please complete the survey.

Planning Number P/2017/4957
2018 to 2019
NHS Ambulance stuck on Riverside Drive on an emergency call because of traffic parked both sides of the road in 2017 In Dukes Meadows Chiswick W4
Parking Restrictions on the way for Dukes Meadows