Design Award for best public open space at the Hounslow Borough’s first ever design awards this month.

The water play area opened in August 2006 by Dukes Meadows Trust raising funds from local businesses, Government environmental improvement schemes, London Marathon Trust, our own funds and the Council, and was designed by architects from Alice Brown and Elizabeth Banks.

Judge Nicole Collomb said: “The shape of the landform sits well with the nicely designed and executed water play area. “Overall, more could be done in the future to integrate the area with the rest of the park, but the friends group are to be commended for a thoughtful design approach to the area, which has led to a quality scheme. Their commitment and perseverance have paid off” 

The Judges were from CABE Space Design for London and from private practice Boyasky-Murphy Architects.  

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Water Play Area Design Award
Dukes Meadows Water Play Area Scoops Design Award January 2008
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